Japanese musical artist Kitaro's discography consists of 24 studio albums, 8 live albums, 14 soundtrack albums, and 42 compilation albums. Kitaro's latest project, Symphony Live In Istanbul was nominated for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards, and is Kitaro's 16th Grammy nomination to date.
He also appears in five full-length concert videos and has composed scores for numerous films including Oliver Stone's Heaven & Earth, Impressions of the West Lake, and The Soong Sisters. He won Golden Globe Award Best Original Score for Heaven & Earth and won Golden Horse Award and Hong Kong Film Award for The Soong Sisters (1997).
He has collaborated with various artists including Megadeth's Marty Friedman, Mickey Hart, Philip Glass, Dennis Banks, and Jane Zhang, as well as appearing on four Far East Family Band albums.

Title Year Label
Tenkai (a.k.a. Astral Voyage) 1978 Zen/Invitation, Geffen Records
Daichi (a.k.a. Full Moon Story) 1979 Geffen Records
Oasis 1979 Pony Canyon, Domo Records
Ki 1981 Pony Canyon, Domo Records
Silver Cloud (a.k.a. Cloud) 1983 Polydor/Sound Design Records, Geffen Records
Toward the West (a.k.a. Endless Journey) 1985 Polydor/Sound Design Records, Geffen Records
Tenku 1986 Geffen Records, Domo Records
The Light of the Spirit (with Mickey Hart) 1987 Geffen Records, Domo Records
Kojiki 1990 Geffen Records, Domo Records
Dream (with Jon Anderson) 1992 Geffen Records, Domo Records
Mandala 1994 Domo Records
Peace on Earth (Christmas album) 1996 Domo Records
Cirque Ingenieux 1997 Domo Records
Gaia-Onbashira 1998 Domo Records
Thinking of You 1999 Domo Records
Ancient 2001 Domo Records
An Ancient Journey 2002 Domo Records
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 1 2003 Domo Records
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 2 2005 Domo Records
Spiritual Garden 2006 Domo Records
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 3 2007 Domo Records
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 4 2010 Domo Records
Final Call 2013 Domo Records
Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol. 5 2017 Domo Records